Danvers Community YMCA
34 PICKERING STREET | Danvers, MA 01923
P: 978-774-2055

Dolfin Swim Clinics ( Summer)

For over 50 years children and teens have been accomplishing their swimming goals, gaining self esteem, and learning that competitive edge through involvement in the Danvers YMCA Dolfins Swim Team program.  We are offering both regular swim team practice and clinics to help improve swimming strokes plus endurance.  A swim assessment will be given on the first day.  Keep in mind that registration for spring and summer clinics are open, even if the start date has past, so come in and enroll throughout the spring and summer!
Any questions please email us at DYD@danversymca.org


Summer Clinic:  This program is great for swimmers who need stroke development, refinement, and endurance work
Dates:   7/10 – 9/1  (8 weeks)
Enrollment begins June 26
Days:  Up to four times per week
Ages:  6-18
Days:  Monday-Thursday
Times:  New Swimmers:  4:30-5:30pm
Current Dolfins:  5:30-6:30pm
Fee: $120 Members    $160 Community

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